The Source of the Charmin Twitter Account’s Shitty Humor, Revealed

March 5, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

It’s perplexing enough that Charmin’s commercials revolve around adorable, innocent bears shitting all the time. But their social media presence is essentially the same way, too. Charmin’s Facebook page and Twitter account talk about poop, a lot. It’s not surprising though, considering that, duh, they’re a toilet paper company, but the detail is a little…unexpected.

As evidenced from the sampling of tweets below, the person behind the Charmin account is adept at talking about shit. Frequently. And the most disconcerting part is, all this scatological talk is juxtaposed with a Berenstain-esque cartoon bear wearing a bow, seemingly oblivious to the constant fecal conversation.

With a little internet searching, we believed we had discovered the poop joke muse in charge of the account. Before going on, this isn’t an attempt to poopshame someone. As a great philosopher once said, “Everybody poops.” It’s really just curiosity leading to an end result.

The Charmin poop joke virtuosa that we found is Marie Bonaccorse Hackman, and she’s a community manager at Procter & Gamble. Her Twitter account is here. Some time between 5 p.m. yesterday and now, Hackman protected her account, but below is a screenshot of her mentioning her duty.

A voicemail was left for Hackman yesterday, but there was no response. Earlier today, however, Procter & Gamble communications associate director Tonia Elrod got in contact, clarifying that Hackman is not the only person behind the Charmin account. It is “a team of people,” according to Elrod, that manage Charmin’s social media tendrils and strive for the goal of “promot[ing] a better bathroom experience anytime, anywhere.”

The tweets straddling the line of decency are part of Charmin’s point.

“We’re willing to bend the rules in order to break the ice,” Elrod said.

Mystery: disappointingly solved.