Brooklyn Court Officials
Can Take Photos, Too

March 6, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

These seemingly expert photos were not taken by professional artists/photographers, but by self-taught Brooklyn courthouse officials who happen to enjoy life behind the lens in their spare time. It sort of makes sense, spending day after day strictly adhering to the technicalities of the law, that at some point these guys would have an inevitable creative eruption.

From one judge’s high-contrast black and white photos of fatigued Turkish iron workers, to a former Assistant U.S. Attorney’s photographic tribute to the streets of her native Brooklyn, to a court clerk’s multi-seasonal photo collage of the courthouse itself, the work all feels genuine and impassioned.

After Hours, Eastern District Court Officials, Feb 13- , Charles P. Sifton Gallery, Brooklyn.

(Images: Diacritical, Flickr)