Millions of Nudes: Surreal ‘Bodyscapes’

March 8, 2013 | Eugene Reznik

Artist Angelo Musco invites models to his Chelsea studio, about a dozen at a time, to pose for him in the nude, in various kinetic arrangements against green backgrounds. The final results are photographic murals made up of upwards of 2 million of adult nudes floating like overgrown, spindly cherubs in a boundless ether, spiraling down vortexes and linking limbs in mind-boggling fractal formations.

“Many of my pieces are the consequence of my experience with birth,” Musco tells Time. He spent 11 months in the womb before “fighting his way into this world.”

The work, sometimes measuring 40 ft by 12 ft, involves meticulous post-processing in Photoshop and takes a dedicated team to complete. One project, “Xylem took three people more than two years working six hours per day.”

Read more about this amazing feat of aggregation and interact with that embedded gigapixel-sized work at LightBox.