Bees Can Get Addicted to Caffeine-Laced Nectar

March 8, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Science is now telling us that bees will repeatedly go back to a plant to collect nectar, if the nectar is laced with caffeine. So bees are kind of like us! Are there some bees that are not morning bees and tell people not to talk to them until they’ve had their morning nectar? And do other bees hate those bees?

Here’s the fact that seems lost in this study: Why are the scientists lacing the nectar with caffeine in the first place? Science has also given bees cocaine (a terrible idea). Are they going to eventually take it to the next level? What about heroin? Are there needles tiny enough to create these smack bees?

(Photo: ObubuTea/Flickr)