Eight-Year-Old Russian Girl Drives, Parents Cheer

March 8, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“Look at me, I’m an eight-year-old child driving… If only Nastya could see me now!”
“Don’t worry. We’ll put it on Facebook.”
“Gas! More gas! Hit 100kph at least.”

Yup. Here’s a little girl from St Petersburg driving Audi, ever accelerating down the wintry road to the brusk encouragements of her dad. But that’s ok, maybe. No one’s around. Just the forrest. Oh wait. That looks like a residential area now. And here comes another car. And the kid’s giggling. The hell.

This YouTube clip was found by Russian Livejournal forum RU-CHP, naturally, the place where we got all that Russian dashcam stuff. The commenters proceeded to virtually hunt down said dad and shame him publicly, as they do.

Damn, Russia!

I mean, no, wait. That’s racist. I heard driving in Egypt is pretty crazy too.