Illegally Painted Phil Frost Billboard Stolen in LA

March 11, 2013 | Andy Cush

Here’s one of the more bizarre art crimes of recent memory. Legendary street artist turned gallery king Phil Frost recently unleashed his considerable talents on a billboard promoting photographer Samuel Bayer’s show at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. The gallery, presumably happy with the beautification of their sign, neglected to buff it, and now, a resourceful thief has stolen the entire thing.

A press release from Ace alleges that Frost’s additions to the billboard increased its value to an astounding $50,000, and considering the artist’s work has sold for twice that amount in the past, that’s hardly a stretch. Samuel Bayer and Swing Media, the company that owns the billboard, are offering a reward for the work’s safe return, and a police report has been filed with the LAPD.

Take a look at the billboard and police report below.