Female Priests Protest Sexist Vatican With Pink Smoke

March 13, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Earlier today, before celebratory white smoke started billowing out of important chimneys for the new Pope, the Vatican was enveloped in a lovely pink haze that looked a lot like cotton candy. Pretty as it was, the pink smoke signified a protest against something ugly: the Catholic Church’s refusal to ordain female priests.

Members of the Women’s Ordination Conference  staged the protest, wanting to speak out against the Vatican’s staunch view of clergy women as subservient and unimportant — something that was all but improved by Pope Benedict, who famously called the ordination of women “a grave crime.”

Miriam Duignan of the association “Women Can Be Priests” said:

The Catholic church should be a healthy and vibrant place with equality, with both men and women called to the priesthood. Jesus did not exclude women. Jesus encouraged women and actively sought to include them… So why do the cardinals who are supposed to represent Jesus, make a point of actively excluding women, of telling them to be quiet? And of criminalising anybody that speaks out in favour of women priests?

Silly women, trying to use logic and reason to make a point! Logic is Satan’s work, remember? Just like science, STD prevention, marriage equality and laughter.