East Flatbush Actually Isn’t a “Frozen Zone”

March 14, 2013 | Joseph Schulhoff

Since last night’s riot protest over the shooting of Kimani Gray, rumors that East Flatbush has been rendered a “frozen zone” by the NYPD have been popping up all over the Internet. Various blogs have “reported” that “a portion of Flatbush” has been taken over by the NYPD. There is, however, no such police restriction currently taking place in Flatbush.

According to inthesetimes.com a “frozen zone” is a police-controlled area where media is banned and first amendment rights are thrown out the window for the purpose of instating martial law. While that totally sounds like something the NYPD can and would do, it does not seem to be the case as of this afternoon. “Frozen zones,” according to an officer on the scene, are when police barricade a section of the city as a way of maintaining order.

That often ends up with cops arresting whomever doesn’t comply with the barricade (even press). Despite the numerous claims on the Internet, there is not anything resembling a “frozen zone” in Flatbush this afternoon, as there are currently no barricades set up near where the protest took place last night, nor are any media being banned. CNN and Eyewitness News were both on the scene, free from harassment. Though it’s good that people are vigilant about potential civil rights infringements, rumors like that ultimately hurt the case against an overzealous police force.