This Sci-Fi Datamosh Neu-Club Kid Music Video Has Everything

March 14, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“My pussy is a maze. My pussy is a mirror.”

This cray DIY music video was made to promote The Maze & the Mirror, “a dystopian science fiction play” happening at a punk warehouse in Oakland this weekend. “Your favorite future diva” plays the lead and sings the song. Also, by “club” I mean the grass and other various outdoor alcoves because who goes to clubs anymore. The audio-visuals are grating my brains, but I’ve literally watched this five times in a row because it is catchy and IT HAS EVERYTHING:

– Twerking.
– Goth strut though a cemetery.
– Twerking on a mausoleum.
– A seapunk-ish picnic.
– Erotic ice cream licking.
– Datamosh!
– Bondage accessories.
– A reggae horn.
– “Let me feel your cock.” “Let me fill your cup.”
– Brooke Candy-style gigantic rainbow braid swinging.
– Anime.
– Rapping.
– A non-club-kid on a leash.
– Space.

Also, it is a play. I love plays.

“Narrated by the lurking Janitor and involving the mysterious heroine MacArthur Maze with a secret power, her naive friend Wendy, a visionary Cult, the tapioca mogul Richard Mouth, his spineless assistant Kevin, rags-to-riches pop diva Lady Dijon and Milk Jr (The Milk Man) the silent drug dealer supplying all with the drugs they crave…”

March 16th at 8PM and March 17th at 6PM at the Huffin House.

Thanks to Nadya for the tip.