Street Vandal Marks Locations Where Pedestrians and Cyclists Were Fatally Struck By Vehicles

March 15, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Per Gothamist, a band of unnamed cyclists created illegal street memorials last night, remembering the pedestrians and cyclists struck and killed by vehicle drivers who were never charged. The marked spots bring attention to crashes that required no investigation, according to the NYPD. Where applicable, the memorials include the name of the victim, the date they died, and a question for NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, “Why, Ray, why?” It’s a little more direct than the “ghost bikes” that pop up at fatal bicycle accidents.

Six pedestrians and a cyclist have been killed in the past week. You can view more photos of the memorial on the Time’s Up! Flickr.

(Photo: Time’s Up!/Flickr)