Let’s Make Cat, Car, Butt and
Pizza Drones!

March 20, 2013 | ANIMAL

Brooklyn-based artist Antoine Catala wants help making drones. No, not the government’s killer drones. These will be small, made for flying around an art gallery, and shaped like one of the four popular Internet categories: cat, car, butt, or pizza.

So if you know how to program a drone, notably the AR.Drone 2.0, please let him give you a job — he’s been posting about this all over the internet — and then he can put on a drone-filled exhibition taking place this May in Oslo, Norway. That is soon.

Thankfully, Catala already has his exhibition all planned out, minus the necessary brains behind making the mini-drones. From what he’s told us, he’s calling the exhibition Image Family, and it will be similar to the internet-y stuff he showed last year at 47 Canal in the Lower East Side, stuff like a Mac mini encased in a plastic butt mold and holographic images of a sportscar and bobble-headed cat. Alas, he was missing the fourth category, pizza. And drones.

But now, his new exhibition will have everything. Totally sensible: Pizza is a topic many net artists know on an intimate [NSFW] basis. And drones are the archetype instruments of surveillance. For his part, Catala’s interested in how drones are doing something similar to Google Goggles or Facebook’s Graph Search, where they “can detect what is inside an image.”

Will his drones be able to do the same in the gallery? Will they be able to tell the difference between a butt and a pizza? Well, we hope to find out, but let’s make sure Catala finds someone to help him make the drones first. Just send the guy an email, k?

(Rendering: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)