Touch-Screen Maps: Coming Soon to a Subway Stop Near You

March 20, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Control Group, a design company hired by the MTA, is trying to bring the future to the New York City subway system by unveiling their touch-screen subway maps. It’s like Google Maps on steroids. Touch where you want to go, and the screen will give you ways to get there, factoring in weather, seasons, delays and sporting events. This year, around 77 of them will be installed in the busiest stations.

This project will definitely improve the subway system, but you know these screens are going to be totally covered with grubby fingers in no more than a day. You’ll want to know how long the N train is delayed for and have your fingers greeted with an uncomfortably warm, greasy surface. So, on the one hand, beneficial technology! On the other, germ city.