Bill Gates Really Wants You to Invent a Sexier Condom

March 21, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Condoms these days just aren’t doing it for Bill Gates. But DAMMIT, he can’t deny their importance in effective contraception and sexual health… That’s why the Microsoft billionaire is determined to create a newer, more convenient, and most importantly, sexier way to wrap it up — and if that means paying someone $100,000.00 to make one, then so be it!

As part of its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has beseeched innovators around the world to develop “the Next Generation of Condom,” an improved condom that offers more “incentive” for consistent use. Examples of projects that would be considered for funding include:

• Application of safe new materials that may preserve or enhance sensation;
• Development and testing of new condom shapes/designs that may provide an improved user experience;
• Application of knowledge from other fields (e.g. neurobiology, vascular biology) to new strategies for improving condom desirability.

Let’s just try not to think about how the Gates’ will evaluate the “improved user experience” category. Uh oh. There it goes. Damn.

You have until May 7th to submit your ideas, win a $100,000.00 grant, and improve the quality of baum chicka baum baum for people everywhere. Hurray! Apply here.