George W. Bush’s Newly Released Paintings Show His Ability to Paint Things Other Than Dogs and His Naked Self

March 21, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Praise be to Gawker for publishing a new batch of George W. Bush paintings, straight from hacker Guccifer. Subjects include shells(?), landscapes, cats and, yes, more dogs.

These paintings present Bush’s ability to paint various subjects and not just dogs and his nude self. But if we’re being honest, these aren’t as good as the first leak, artistically. Aside from the night scene and single dog, his paintings are flat. There’s no depth. The work featuring a pair of dogs make them resemble furry Metroids. None of the pieces in this batch divulge as much true feeling or dimension as the naked bathroom self-portraits. There have to be more of 43’s works with better quality. Someone convince him to rent out gallery space!

UPDATE: Gawker’s dropped 12 more paintings by 43. Still nothing as fascinating as his bathroom self-portrait period, but he’s developing his own little oeuvre.

(Photo: Gawker)