Tribeca Film Festival Launches Second-Ever Vine Film Competition

March 21, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Tribeca Film Festival has just announced their online competition for six-second films through the Vine platform. Just shoot your Vines, tag ’em #6SECFILMS + one of their categories — #Genre, #Amateur, #Animate or #Series — and post them to Twitter before April 7th. And follow @TribecaFilmFest. Great idea.

EXCUSE ME TRIBECA IMA LET YOU FINISH, but ANIMAL had a lot of fun doing our own film competition last month. The NC-17-ish #VeryShortFilmFest was a great experience! I mean, yeah, the last three hours before the deadline I was mostly sifting through you people jerking off into your phone, but a lot of good has come out of #VeryShortFilmFest’s challenging your artistic creativity and Vine’s self-censorship. Our judges, which included porn-princess Stoya and filmmaker Casey Niestat, were very cool about this and our friends at BrooklynWebDevelopers.com created this nifty, interactive, NSFW Wall of Vines.

What followed was cool: Postmasters Gallery invited me and Kyle Chayka to curate a special project for the Moving Image fair. The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold #SVAES featured some amazing 6-second video art works from artists Angela Washko, William Powhida, Rollin Leonard, The Jogging and then, when #SVAES made the first ever Vine sale, we much enjoyed the feedback, from both haters to people open to discussing new formats for sharing, exhibiting and owning art. To do this, we had to “hack” Vine. Anyway, go enter the contest! It looks awesome. And here’s how you can post videos not made on Vine to Vine. Have fun.

(Thanks for the shout-out, Movies.com!)