Tilda Swinton Takes Announced Naps in a Glass Box at the MoMA

March 25, 2013 | Marina Galperina

This weekend, popular mythical creature Tilda Swinton re-performed her 1995 piece The Maybe at the MoMA, without making a press announcement. She slept quietly inside a glass, aquarium-like enclosure as visiting crowds swarmed outside. She has been talking about doing this at the MoMA since 2005, before Marina Abramović performed her three-month The Artist Is Present epic. She will be doing unannounced pop-up performances throughout the year, because she is magical and surprising and YOU SHUT UP.

Gothamist was all over that story, and The Atlantic Wire aggragated all your confused tweets. Because art is so weird, isn’t art so weird you guys, so so weird omg.

I liked the piece as she did it in London with Cornelia Parker. It’s not a big deal. Calm down, internet.

Update: Apparently, she’s doing it today too. Calm down, internet.

(Photos: Gothamist, The Frith Street Gallery)