Gagosian Gallery Is Not Exhibiting George W. Bush Paintings

March 26, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“CNN” recently reported that Larry Gagosian will host an exhibition of George W. Bush’s paintings, a source of fascination, dogs and naked George W. Bush.

Only, it wasn’t really reported by CNN, but its citizen journalist initiative iReport and this article is not vetted. A “mock flyer” of American Legacy the exhibit was “anonymously leaked online over the weekend, forcing the gallery to reveal its secret this morning to several art publications” except for it hasn’t and that flyer is obviously not a flyer because LOOK AT IT.

“Come on,” @gregorg says. “A Gagosian flyer on a corkboard?” And he should know. He’s the one that explained how that terrible Bob Dylan art at the Gagosian is likely a Richard Prince prank and *sound of mind being blown,* slurping sound of blown mind quickly returning to apathetic equilibrium.*

So, the show not open at the Madison Avenue Gagosian on March 30th. And John Waters didn’t die. Stop reading fake news, internet.