Insane, Spectacular Estonian Punk Band Is Insane and Full of Spectacle

March 27, 2013 | Marina Galperina

So, tell me more about Estonia’s punk metal scene.

I mean, just watched meaty men in athletic wrestling uniforms get dangled by one foot each over the Eurovision-esque stage while playing hardcore riffs on balalaikas as two drummers strapped into their vertical rotating drumsets were spinning and spinning and spinning. The gentleman sprouting a wolf-man mane out of his face? He’s the lead singer. Bow to his epic sopranino and background moaning.

This is Winny Puhh, a native Estonian band renowned for their theatrics. Since 1993.

It’s very enjoyable to enjoy. Since they are from Europe singing in a language you aren’t likely understand however, we did a little are-they-racist-or-homophobic background search and yes, it’s ok for you to enjoy this. The face paint is not blackface. And they even have a song parodying a homophobe Estonian bro going about his day in his homophobic ways until his has dreams are invaded this — “fags did squat exercises on a mirror floor, and they had no pants on” — because he’s actually gay and stuff. Social satire. Something something. Cray.