Look at Genesis P-Orridge’s Penis Gun and Curse Casting Wand

March 27, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“Are you having trouble understanding artists through their art? Understand them through their STUFF instead.”

Art F City has an amazing fresh feature STUFF and this week, transgressive legend Genesis P-Orridge showed them STUFF. It includes a Bronze Lord Shiva, a Tibetan Thighbone Trumpet, a DREAMACHINE, loving memorabilia of Genesis’s beloved “Other Half” Lady Jaye and this amazing Penis Gun/Curse Casting Wand that Genesis P-Orridge aquired at a Buddhist talisman market in Bangkok with Lady Jaye in 2002.

…The handle/grip is a mock up of standard grips but is hollow and could possibly hold a real clip of ammunition. There’s no trigger. There are very faint engravings of the same Thai script gangsters, among other Thai groups, receive from priests at certain Monasteries. It seems a very serious magical object, possibly a “wand” to point at, fire a curse at..an enemy.

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