Is Bloomberg the Only Thing Standing Between NYC and Full-Scale Tea Party Invasion?

March 29, 2013 | Andy Cush

If you’re fed up with Michael Bloomberg’s insistence on giving the NYPD free rein to do whatever they’d like, his attempts to regulate soda and tobacco to death, or his constantly turning up in in silly photographs, take solace in this: hey may be the only thing protecting our city from total Tea Party takeover.

In a poll of 3,550 self-identified Tea Partiers by TheTeaParty.net, 99% of respondents said they disagreed with recent remarks by Bloomberg (“there are certain times [government] should infringe on your freedom”), 98.6% believed he’d overstepped his bounds as mayor, and–get this–99.3% said they wouldn’t move to New York under a Bloomberg Mayoralty.

So it’s not all bad. Who knows? Under a new mayor, Tea Partiers may start flocking to the five boroughs. Probably not, though.

(Photo: ajagendorf25/Flickr)