The George W. Bush Gagosian Gallery Solo Show Opening Reception

March 31, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Last week, iCNN “reported” that the Gagosian Gallery is going to exhibit the work of former president George W. Bush. The dogs. The naked bathroom lamentations. Etc. While the internet murmured with displeasure and incredulity, we reassured you that it wasn’t really happening.

Looks like the Great Gagosian Trollage of 2013 isn’t over, for a Facebook page for the Gagosian Gallery posted these reception photos.

It’s a Facebook page for the Gagosian Gallery (208 likes). Not the Facebook page for the Gagosian Gallery (45,955 likes). It’s also obvious that these photos — uploaded at 3 am this morning — are photoshopped. Badly, badly photoshopped. Unless you’re up at 3 am looking at porn on Tumblr, taking anxiety tests and fucking about on Facebook. For a second there, you might think they’re real. And then NOT and you’re all like OMG TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

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