Red Hook Crit Recap (Complete with Crash Footage)

April 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

The Red Hook Criterium began in 2008 as an illegal race, with a few dozen fixed-gear cyclists racing through the titular waterfront Brooklyn neighborhood to celebrate a friend’s 26th birthday. Five years later, the race has gone legit, evolving into a full-scale spectacle and drawing sponsorshop from Rockstar Games while keeping its original outlaw spirit intact. Thousands of fans turned out Saturday night to watch this year’s Crit, which drew competitors from around the globe to its 1.25 kilometer (roughly .75 miles) track. ANIMAL was there to document the high-paced event.


1. Neil Bezdek
2. Evan Murphy
3. Walton Brush
4. Zac Felpel
5. Colin Strickland
6. Rainier Schaefer
7. Allan Rego
8. Stefan Vis
9. Zak Kovalcik
10. Michael Dziedzic

For more info and standings head to the race’s official site, and stay tuned for the Brooklyn Navy Yard edition June 8.

Special-shout to rider Alex Barcenas for letting us strap a GoPro onto his chest two minutes before race time.

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)