Anonymous Declares War on North Korea

April 3, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Anonymous knows no bounds with who or what they will attack, but the group has since chosen to attack their boldest target yet — the government of North Korea. The attack has so far included the collection of over 15,000 passwords used to access the website Uriminzokkiri.com, a website that provides Korean language news and propaganda from North Korea’s central news agency.

The group has also released a quite eloquently worded statement in which they say:

“To the citizens of North Korea we suggest to rise up and bring these motherfuckers of a oppressive government down! We are holding your back and your hand, while you take the journey to freedom, democracy and peace. You are not alone. Don’t fear us, we are not terrorist, we are the good guys from the internet. AnonKorea and all the other Anons are here to set you free.”

However, the group has stated that it does not support the United States in its escalating conflict and only wants what’s best for the innocent citizens of North Korea. Restating for emphasis: “Bring these motherfuckers of a oppressive government down.”