Rhizome and Tumblr Are Now Accepting Grant Proposals

April 3, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Yes, it’s official: Rhizome and Tumblr are now accepting proposals for their upcoming Internet Art Grant. The Internet Art Grant will award three grants “with a special focus on projects from artists engaged with Tumblr.” What’s really interesting is that they haven’t disclosed what kind of money they’re willing to spend on the project, saying that the size of the grant will depend on the proposal itself (although awards generally range from $1,000 to $5,000).

So what kind of proposals are they looking for?

Annie Werner, Tumblr’s very own Arts Evangelist says that “We’re looking for something that engages the platform in a new way and highlights the creative use of Tumblr.”

Rhizome’s Executive Director Heather Corcoran said that they are looking for “People who have a sophisticated understanding of, not just how Tumblr works, but how the internet works and how languages on the internet work.”

Tumblr has been quickly becoming a go-to platform for artists and has recently been more involved in the art world, from their outright refusal to incorporate advertisesments into the site to Hyperallergic’s recent Tumblr Art Symposium.

So hurry up, the winning proposals will be announced sometime next month, leaving each recipient with just half a year to complete their project which will be on view during a celebratory event in The New Museum‘s very own SkyRoom.