Punk Bands Strictly Prohibited: Perfect Anti-Putin “Signs” in Amsterdam

April 8, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Putin is in Amsterdam on business and Amsterdam’s like BOOOOO. And so, a perfect protest has been executed by Amnesty International via these official looking signs posted around the city as “billboards” and “police tape.” This action reminds us of artist Jay Shells’ etiquette signs. That’s awesome.

Our favorite is “Punk Bands Strictly Prohibited: Do not frighten president Putin. Keep this area human rights free,” referencing the imprisonment of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot for a few seconds of protesting Putin in a church. Other appropriate messages include “Warning: No Protesting in This Area,” reminding us of the post-“election” debacle when an army of head-bashing police goons was unleashed on protestors.

Additionally, the Russian President has been met with massive protests in response to his new policies that fine Russians up to $16,000 for holding any public LGBT events or for “disseminating information” about the LGBT community to minors and other misc state-sanctioned bigotry.

(Images: Reddit)