Vandalizing Margaret Thatcher

April 8, 2013 | Bucky Turco

A mean old lady died in the UK today. While normally this wouldn’t be news, that old lady happened to be former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Although it’s been a long time since she resigned, the British version of Ronald Reagan has been widely criticized over the years for the Falklands War, the poll tax, and her union-busting policies. Naturally, she also became a target for citizen vandals and streets artists during her tenure and long after her departure. Here’s a nod to the many manifestations of the “Iron Lady” sourced from Flickr.

(Photo: Sheila Blige/Flickr) Above photo

(Photo: Enna Cooper/Flickr)

(Photo: tombomb20/Flickr)

(Photo: bixentro/Flickr)

(Photo: Addison Berry/Flickr)

(Photo: JudyGr/Flickr)

(Photo: Jaques Costello/Flickr)

(Photo: stillunusual/Flickr)

(Photo: Paul Clarke/Flickr)