Teen Girl Has Eaten Only Ramen for Thirteen Years

April 12, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

For many of us, that densely salty, artificial “chicken” flavor of instant ramen noodles summons the darkest of memories — memories of being broke, sick, malnourished, neglected, too busy to prepare a substantial meal or… did I mention broke?

But for Georgi Readman, an eighteen year old girl from England’s Isle of Wight, ramen is more of a lifestyle. After thirteen, I repeat, THIRTEEN years of ingesting nothing else, it’s the only “food” she can bear to eat. In fact, she finds other foods — like, actually nourishing ones — so repulsive, that mere thought of them “makes her sick.”

Since getting hooked at age 5, Readman gradually eliminated fruits, vegetables, and all other sustenance from her diet. She can’t eat dinner at friends’ houses for fear of her noodles accidentally “touching” a side salad. Now, at 5’3 and 93 lbs, doctors are saying she has the health of an 80 year old, and shows signs of a selective eating disorder. But, OH WELL, YOLO! As she told the NY Daily News:

“I just love noodles!”

Heck, who are we to judge? Just look how happy she is! Like a modern-day culinary Romeo and Juliet, sometimes longevity is but a small price to pay for true love.