Hurricane Sandy Artist Residency

April 15, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

In case you haven’t already heard, Madison Museum of Fine Art is offering a new Artist in Residence program specifically tailored to artists who lost a home and studio space as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The specifications for the residency seem quite loose, but that’s a good thing! With an ongoing deadline and a duration of “six months, or up to one year if needed” it seems as though the museum really has the artists in mind. The museum will be providing immediate housing and studio space for artists and asks for only a few visiting lectures in return for their services. Artists of any discipline are encouraged to apply and may be painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, or work in other media.

For more information, contact art Museum Director Michele Bechtell directly at 706-340-8395 or Wayne Brantley at director@mmofa.org or info@mmofa.org

(Photo: Business Insider)