Immersive Green Pixel Sea:
Nicolas Sassoon in New Orleans

April 17, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Stop. Now, drown in these undulating pixels. Feel the infinite RGB ripple splash past your eyeballs. That’s FLOOD. Computers Club member Nicolas Sassoon knows what he’s doing.

Sassoon is currently exhibiting at the May gallery and artist residency in New Orleans, presenting a show of large-scale video projections and physical sculptures derived from his animated digital works. Like FLOOD, the Green Waves series uses moiré — a pulsing effect of mis-overlaid grids — and hard edge pixel patterns to create immersive digital landscapes. In this case, “water”-scapes. Sassoon displays much of his work online and this physical installation looks solid.

Nicolas, you make me so happy. NY is jealous. Nicolas Sassoon, “GREEN WAVES,” Apr 12 – May 31, The May Space, New Orleans