Reddit Cofounder Wants Jay-Z’s Nets Ownership Share

April 17, 2013 | Andy Cush

“Geeks are definitely the new rock stars,” goes the tagline to Bravo’s goofy new reality show about “startup culture,” and hamfisted a sentiment though it may be, at least one proposed mega-high-dollar business transaction is playing right into it! Reddit cofounder and Brooklyn native Alexis Ohanian told Bloomberg News Tuesday that he’s “absolutely” interested in buying Jay-Z’s (small) share of the Brooklyn Nets, which, as you may have heard, the rapper turned business, man, is looking to sell.

Ohanian also posted to /r/nba to elaborate on his intentions:

…I’m a diehard Skins (/r/nfl knows) fan, but I’ve come to terms with never getting a share out of Dan Snyder. I realize it’s a token amount. But I actually live in Brooklyn and I’m pretty good with the internet — I reckon that could be helpful. Also – AMAs from ALL THE PLAYERS. Maybe not Kris….