Finally, a GoPro-Style Camera for Your Dog

April 18, 2013 | Andy Cush

Skateboarding dogs are great and all, but there’s a certain immediacy that’s lacking in even the greatest skateboarding dog videos. How am I supposed to fully enjoy the experience of watching a YouTube video of a dog skateboarding if I can’t even get a hint of what skateboarding is like from the dog’s point of view, like I can with the Coolest Skateboarder of All Time, Ryan Sheckler?

Blessedly, Sony has come up with a solution for my canine POV-deficiency: GoPros for dogs! Well, not GoPros for dogs, exactly, but GoPro-style cameras for dogs! (The electronics giant has its own model of wearable cameras, called the Action Cam.) That’s it above. As you can see, it comes in the form of a nice, non-obtrusive harness with a camera mounted on top. The doggie Action Cam is only available in Japan for now, but it’s cheap! Only ¥5,250.