The Yes Men Teach Resisting Real and Virtual Oppression

April 18, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Who else to teach “Creative Activism” than the Yes Men, who conned the world into thinking Dow Chemical publcily apologized for the Bhopal disaster for a minute there? Since the duo started Yes Lab, we had hopes they’d be training an army of righteous con-men. Tonight, NYU will be hosting “WNV Salon: Resisting Oppression, Both Real and Virtual.”

Speakers include Bahraini journalist Nada Alwadi, who was wrongfully imprisoned for her reporting on the pro-democracy protests in 2011 as well as notable Burmese activist Tim Aye-Hardy, who played a large part in the nation’s uprising back in 1988. He’s so dedicated to the cause he hasn’t returned home home in more than two decades. We will also be hearing from Salon’s editor Natasha Lennard, who has widely covered the effects of law enforcement repression of local United States activist groups.

(Image: Pslamboxkey.com)