The One-Man Anti-Bike Share Sit-In

April 19, 2013 | Andy Cush

It’s tempting to believe that everyone is jazzed up about New York’s long awaited CitiBike bicycle share program, but at least one old man is out to prove that’s not the case. 68-year-old Jacques Capsouto, proprietor of Tribeca’s popular Capsouto Freres bistro, believes the program will take parking away across the street from his Washington Street restaurant and block the entrance. To make his point, he’s staging a one-man sit-in, blocking workers from installing bike share stations.

“I told them they could arrest me,” the restauranteur said. “I’m sitting here. I’m protesting, but Bloomberg does whatever he wants.”

At least one cop was sympathetic. “You have a legitimate argument, said detective Richard Lee. “It blocks your service entrance. It’s just not worth getting arrested for.”