Great Interactive Music Videos Are the New Great Non-Interactive Music Videos

April 23, 2013 | Andy Cush

When’s the last time you saw a traditional music video that made your jaw drop in the same way that, say, Michel Gondry’s “Sugar Water” clip for Cibo Matto did? I’ll wait a minute.

How about an interactive video–a little easier, right? There’s OKFocus’s Photoshop-emulating clip for Tanlines, this crowdsourced video made of Vines, Chris Milk’s “The Wilderness Downtown” and Vincent Morisset’s “Sprawl II” for Arcade Fire (transcendent clips, both). I’m sure there’s lots I’m forgetting, too.

Point is, interactive music videos are the new hot shit, and why shouldn’t they be? Here’s another great one, from LA dream-rockers IO Focus and a team of filmmaker/engineers including Eduard Prats Molner, the lead developer on that aforementioned Milk/Arcade Fire piece. The song, called “Ministry of Love,” doesn’t do much for me, but the video’s surveillance-style screens and rearrangeable pixels are a joy to behold. Via Noisey.