Glitché Is Like Instagram for Digital Psychedelia

April 23, 2013 | Andy Cush

If you’re going to use cookie-cutter digital filters to doll up your shitty photography, why not do it in a way that actually brings something new to the images? Less Toaster and X-Pro II and more psychedelic digital chaos, you know?

Turn off Instagram, download Glitché for free, and get to work. Like that app, Glitché allows you to take photos or upload them from your library, edit them with presets, and share them with your friends. Unlike Instagram, however, the filters are actually interesting: RGBD-style mountains of data-points, repeating lines of pixels, and hallucinatory datamosh-mimicking. Once you take your photo, Glitché offers a bevy of touch interactions depending on the filter, allowing more customization of your images. And though the app doesn’t offer a dedicated sharing service (who needs another social network, anyway?) it does make sending photos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter very simple.

This thing rules. Get it now. In the meantime, take a look at a few photos I’ve snapped around the office.