NASA Drew a Giant Dick on Mars

April 25, 2013 | Andy Cush

Earth’s proud tradition of drawing dicks on things has finally gone interstellar. Some intrepid Redditors spotted the above image  on a NASA robotics site, and when the site went down–presumably due to increased traffic–NASA made the planetary penis more accessible, putting it on its own page.

It appears that the cosmic cock is the work of either Opportunity or Spirit, NASA’s two pre-Curiosity Mars exploration rovers. According to the Daily Mail, Earthbound engineers control the rovers’ movements, and often have to perform the kind of tight turns that would have created the dick drawing in order to test systems.

It’s quite the art feat, actually, if you compare it to the terrestrial counterpart from the Russian performance actionists from Voina. It’s Giant Galactic Space Dick graffiti IN SPACE!

Let’s hope the spacey schlong stays on Mars forever. I can think of no greater testament to man’s ingenuity.