Acne Medication Makes Men Immune to Seductresses’ Charms

April 30, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

After centuries of deceit, innocent men finally have a defense against the guiles of seductive she-devils. Not only can the solution potentially end the evil regime of the attractive female — it also clears breakouts.

The miracle elixir is minocycline, an antibiotic commonly found in acne medication. According to a study published in Scientific Reports, a group of Japanese researchers found that minocycline can “facilitate sober decision-making in healthy human subjects.” Human meaning male, and sober meaning unimpeded by a woman’s connivances. Naturally.

The male subjects were told to play a “trust game” where they could either keep their 1300 yen compensation, or take a gamble by sharing it with a woman (after seeing her photo). This choice would triple the money, but the woman could decide how it would be split between them. Little did the men know that every woman was told to keep all the money for herself– making every woman a “honey trap”.

The authors explain:

“Here we show that minocycline reduces the risk of the ‘honey trap’ during an economic exchange. Males tend to cooperate with physically attractive females without careful evaluation of their trustworthiness, resulting in betrayal by the female. In this experiment, healthy male participants made risky choices (whether or not to trust female partners, identified only by photograph, who had decided in advance to exploit the male participants). ”

The group given placebos tended to trust the “attractive” females more than the “unattractive” ones, while those who’d taken the minocycline were equally mistrusting of all the women.  Ha-ha! Down with the honey trap!

Incidentally, minocycline is also used to treat schizophrenia.

Quickly now, lads, tell the masses: the succubi’s spell can be broken, and at last, the business world can return to its peaceful state of male-domination. Oh, wait