Sotheby’s Doesn’t Know
How to Copy and Paste
Got Punked

April 30, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Sotheby’s Inc. posted a Craigslist ad for “a Skilled and dedicated Administrative Assistant” last night and failed. Indeed they do need an administrative assistant, because this one doesn’t know how to ctrl+c ctrl +v.

The post contains an entire gchat conversation of Employee 1 attempting to instruct Employee 2 on how to copy and paste text into a document.

The post is likely to be deleted within the next few hours, but we’ve got a gallery of screenshots archived right up there.

The ad was spotted and tweeted by Maggie Serota of Low Times, who still can’t stop gloating.

UPDATE: Sotheby’s is now claiming that the ad was in fact a hoax, telling our friends at Gawker…

We can confirm that it is not a Sotheby’s job posting. We don’t hire for a position of that title, and we don’t use Craigslist as a recruiting tool.

We have also checked with our colleagues at Sotheby’s International Realty and they confirmed it wasn’t them either. Our guess is that this is some kind of a hoax.

Still funny.