Richard Prince Copyright Explained: Greg Allen’s CZRPYR2: The Appeal + The Appendix

May 2, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Need some help figuring out the the latest update on the Patrick Cariou vs. Richard Prince copyright infringement caseGreg Allen has published a sequel to his already comprehensive book outlining the entire history of the case.

After reading numerous articles discussing the matter without presenting any of their original source material, Allen decided to attain copies of and release the court’s original 375 page court deposition as a book. This encyclopedic tome contains statements from Richard Prince, his lawyers, as well as statements from photographer Patrick Cariou — pretty much anything and everything you would ever want know about the much publicized case, straight from the source. It’s important to note that this could very well be considered Prince’s longest and most exhaustive interview to date in which he fully outlines the history of his practice up until now, details that Prince has remained rather ambiguous about in the past.

Earlier last week, following the court’s final decision to grant Prince’s appeal they released this statement as well as an illustrated catalog detailing all thirty works (twenty-five of which were deemed non-infringing) comparing the work of Patrick Cariou to that of the Richard Prince works in question. As Allen so eloquently states on his website, Canal Zone Richard Prince YES RASTA 2: The Appeal + The Appendix is “a salute to the Court’s own transformative, creative spirit.” Teach!

Be sure to pick up a copy of it here.