East River Blueway Plan Revealed at Last

May 3, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

For a borough that’s literally an island, Manhattan’s waterfront access is pretty bleak: NYC’s waterways are generally more notorious for easy corpse disposal and abundant toxic waste than for fun in the sun. But (possibly) not for long! Last night, the full proposal were released for the long-awaited East River Blueway

The vision has been brewing for years now: a more sustainable and recreation-friendly shoreline along the East River between the Brooklyn Bridge and 38th Street. Until now, several hurdles, including Hurricane Sandy, have prevented the initiative from moving forward, but  hot damn, it was worth the wait! Ready for these proposals? Here goes:

A clean, naturally occurring sandy beach under the Brooklyn Bridge with terrace seating and kayaking!

Freshwater wetlands along the East River Esplanade that catch the FDR’s stormwater runoff (and are pretty and green!)

Improved access to the East River Park, which is currently such a bitch to get to that people forget it exists. Visitors could get to the waterfront via through a dreamy canopied pedestrian bridge.

An X-shaped pedestrian/ cyclist bridge above the FDR Drive providing visitors with easier park access at 14th street.

A revamped Stuyvesant Cove Park, complete with a floating pier boat launch near 20th street. The upkeep of Stuyvesant Cove would be funded by public rooftop garden vendors on top of what is currently an ugly skyport garage.

More plants!

Yes. Please. Please yes. We promise we won’t mess it up with litter! While there are no confirmed plans for glorious actualization, the city has dedicated 3.5 million to looking into the ideas. here are some official-looking visuals to accompany your sweaty urban summer fantasies.

(Images: Curbed)