The Jogging Responds to Barbara Kruger Responding to Supreme Vs. Mob

May 3, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Thanks to the Jogging for being on the front lines of artists responding to that ridiculous Supreme Vs. Married to the Mob lawsuit with Uncool Jokers, 2013 by Michael Bussell. 

Refresher: Leah McSweeney has been using the parody of the Supreme logo for her “Supreme Bitch” t-shirts for years and now, James Jebbia of Supreme is only now sueing McSweeney for copyright infringement — for $10,000,000. Never mind that the Supreme logo is a rip of legendary artist Barbara Kruger’s signature font. When asked to comment, Kruger emailed Complex this (and yes, we’re all charmed that it was a Microsoft Doc attachement):