Medical Weed for Pets: A Lucrative New Frontier

May 6, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

With weed being decriminalized in numerous states across the country, “man’s best friend” is not being left out of the movement. Veterinarian Doug Kramer has been investigating the beneficial effects of medical weed treatment for pets. On his website, Dr. Kramer has been collecting case studies in support of this type of treatment with predominately positive feedback.

Since animals have many of the same cannibis receptors as humans do, cannabis has proven effective for treatment of such conditions as chronic pain, seizures, and arthritis — the same ailments in which weed is currently being used as treatment for humans. Kramer says, “Anything people find effective on themselves, they are going to transfer to their pets.”

So, how do you administer medical weed to pets? Dr. Kramer has a guide you can buy. Well played, sir. Well played.