Want: A Unique Art Collection on a Saphire USB Drive at the Art F City’s NADA Booth

May 6, 2013 | Marina Galperina

How does the modern collector acquire digital works? Our friends at Art F City have an elegant solution — AFC Selects, a drool-worthy, fully-curated collection of work from 11 renowned, international artists, together on a luxury Mobiado USB drive crafted from a single piece of sapphire crystal, with custom printed ribbon and packaging from Bunny Rogers and a certificate of authenticity signed by all eleven artists and Art F City’s Paddy Johnson.

The benefit edition of 100 contains original, commissioned artwork — a surreal, delightfully psychotic video art piece by Shana Moulton, Paul B. Davis’s art-making software, Rollin Leonard’s body-based hypnotizing hypocrite animation Yes/No, animated GIFs — like Sara Ludy’s 449 frame cloud GIF and the above teased spectacle from Lorna Mills — plus a PDF manifesto, large-scale printable still pieces, original music, image collections, software patches and a screensaver. Here’s your peek. Oomph. Ahh. Mmm. It’s a brave, beautiful project. Can’t wait to see more curatorial efforts like this.

“AFC Selects” curated by Art F City, Anthony Antonellis, Jacob Ciocci, Paul B. Davis, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Lorna Mills, Shana Moulton, Jon Rafman, Rafael Rozendaal, Bunny Rogers, and Nicolas Sassoon, available at the Art F City booth at NADA New York, May 10 – May 12, NADA New York, Pier 36, Basketball City. Benefit edition list price: $650.

Rollin Leonard (click to enlarge)

Shana Moulton