Kramer Entering Seinfeld’s Apartment Over and Over, Datamoshed!

May 7, 2013 | Marina Galperina

So, Seinfeld is like some new artist inside joke now? WHATEVER RICHARD PRINCE. Fine, don’t tell me.

Here’s a fresh and amazing datamosh mash-up of dozens of Kramer entrances. Look at him moshing up pixels with that door swing. Look, look. PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK (2013) is described thusly:

the satellite connection to jerry’s memory goes out. kramer wires a 4chan fourth wall spycam directly from larry david’s doctor-shopped prescription google glass into jerry’s optic nerve. elaine is abducted by an MK ULTRA cult and becomes obsessed with aldous huxley. george channels the lizard king.

Then we asked Chris Habib/Visitor — “The fuck?” — and he explained:

I found John Dogg’s old TiVo. Its video encoder had become badly damaged with age and dried thermal paste. I just re-recorded the output.

That sounds about right. Amazing.