NeoLucida: Nifty Olde Art Tool, Reinvented!

May 8, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

The camera lucida is not a new invention — the optical drawing aid has been used by many master artists throughout the 19th century. With a clever application of optics, this tool lets artists “see” both their hand as well as a holographic-like illusion of their subject on paper, allowing him to draw with photographic precision with great ease. It has not been been manufactured for quite some time. The tool is now an expensive vintage rarity, costing at hundreds of dollars for even the clumsiest one of your own.

Pablo Garcia is now collaborating with Golan Levin are producing an updated camera lucida for the 21st century. The NeoLucida uses the same optics of the olde model in combination with lightweight and portable parts — a successfully designed, smaller, more portable device. Oh and its cheap, like very cheap. You can have one of your very own Neolucidas for as little as thirty bucks!

You may remember Pablo Garcia from his Venus Webcam project with Addie Wagenknecht at Eyebeam’s F.A.T. Gold retrospective — the project that got us locked out of Facebook. Yey. Back this Kickstarter: