This Is Not a Jeff Koons
at Frieze

May 9, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Now, Paul McCarthy is just rubbing it in. Yes, there is a giant balloon dog sitting on Randall’s Island. But it is not Jeff Koons. It is a Paul McCarthy. Like that poop. 

If you remember, we had quite the chortle about Jeff Koons grandiose flight of delusion back when he sent cease and desist letters to San Francisco’s Park Life store/gallery for selling balloon animal-shaped bookends because invented balloon animal-shaped art, clearly. The saga got saggy quick, when Koons was zinged by copyright lawyers and clowns alike, and gave up, and then got zinged by Colbert some more. This week, New York Magazine is all like “Jeff Koons Is the Most Successful American Artist Since Warhol. So What’s the Art World Got Against Him?”


Take this, you opulent bastard! Errrybody thinks — or “thinks,” ironic trolly wink-wink? — that McCarthy inflatable sculpture is Jeff Koons and it is not Jeff Koons. Wait. I’m not sure who is wining here anymore. Damn it. YOU MEME YOU. STOP IT. STOP EVERYTHING. Here’s an excellent related GIF by Man Bartlett: Rich Man’s Rave. I’m going to nap under my office desk.

(Photo: Dream Dogs Art)