Andy Kaufman’s First Comedy Album Comes Out This Summer

May 10, 2013 | Marina Galperina

First the New York art show, now this. The posthumous resurgence of Andy Kaufman’s popularity continues with his first ever “proper comedy LP” of previously unheard material, coming out from Drag City records this summer, July 16th. YEY.

Purists beware of your enthusiasm. The material for Andy and His Grandmother “culled and edited from a micro-tapes used in Kaufman’s personal recorder throughout 1977-79.” Culled and edited by who, you say? Vernon Chatman (Emmy-winning writer, Southpark, etc) and Rodney Ascher (directing of Kubrick’s The Shinning fan doc Room 237). Also, Bill Hader of SNL, etc will be narrating and while Vernon will be giving the unfinished bits “true conclusions.” So, look forward to a new album by Andy Kaufman Featuring Non-Dead Guys. Cross your fingers. Bite your fist.