Can I Have a Haircut Too, Ai Weiwei?

May 10, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Ai Weiwei is powerful artist, badass, oppressive government agitator, metal musician… BARBER??? Sign me up, b.

We’ve seen this scene in the doc Ai Weiwei: Never SorryThe much-liked artist has sidewalk soirees. Culture people come. Regular denizens too. They all, like, dine and chill and make gov goons unhappy just by existing, yeah?

Well, here’s one journalist’s happy account of crashing a dinner like this. Adrian Chen, you jelz?

We were sitting on outdoor benches on Wednesday evening at the restaurant Fodder Factory in Caochangdi, a tiny urban enclave whose intimacy and absence of pretension has attracted some of the city’s more self-motivated and independent artists, filmmakers and celebrities, Ai Weiwei included (he’s lived here for 13 years)…

And so on so on so on. And then this haircut. Very nice. Very special. Well, not that special. Ai says:

I’ve given hundreds. I could make a book out of it.

I WANT ONE. Check that undercut. Mmm.

Or this one. This one is good too.