The MTA’s Making Bank From Their Dollar MetroCard Fee

May 13, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

To no one’s surprise, the MTA is reportedly making tons of money with the new “green” fee that makes subway riders pay a buck for a new MetroCard.

In the first month after the fee went into effect, more riders than transit officials predicted continued to buy new MetroCards — and paid the extra $1, a transit executive said last week.

If the trend continues, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will exceed the $20 million in new revenues and savings that it anticipated when drafting the budget, the executive said.

The MTA won’t give an exact number as to how much they’re actually making–apparently they don’t have to do that yet?–but it’s obviously substantial enough for them to gloat about how successful it is. Bad news for any forgetful and wasteful straphangers.

(Photo: Steven Kreuzer/Flickr + Photoshop)