Russian Artist Replaces Pissing Statue With Himself

May 14, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Russian artist “Petro Wadkins” has replaced the Mannekin Pis, one of the most beloved and fawned over sculptures in Belgium, for some reason, with a large golden statue of himself. The original  bronze  is a depiction of a small boy peeing into the fountains basin and was installed sometime during the 15th century. It is seen mostly as a tourist attraction, however the artist decided to spice things up a bit, saying that Belgium is “boring” and needed something new.

From the artist’s website:

Let’s face it. Belgium is a boring little country. And Brussels is a boring city. Filled with boring tourists. In the center of Brussels there is a horrible little statue. A small pissing boy. Where the tourists gather. What would happen if we changed the horrible little statue for something beautiful? Like a statue of Petro. Would the tourists even notice? Petro decided to see what’s going to happen if he makes a golden statue of himself  and simply replaces the old and small pissing boy.

After the statue was installed, people stopped to take a few photos to appreciate the prank, however the authorities didn’t have the same reaction as Petro’s golden statue is currently in police custody.

Image: Petro Wadkins)